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Katherine Caldwell

Illustrated Collections

Giraffe art print


The Giraffe art print is printed on the finest quality cotton paper that produces the most striking and detailed colour.

Each print is then carefully embossed by hand with our iconic little bird logo on the bottom right of the print. It is then mounted, ready for safe delivery to your home.

Every print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

The Giraffe is part of the A Collection of Seasons range.

The Giraffe's story:

The care-free, fun loving Giraffe loves the Spring and the fresh smell of newly blooming flowers.

It is the time that butterflies begin to flutter amongst petals, and birds can once again have their privacy as leaves start to cover the trees.

It is a celebration for all of nature as new life begins throughout. Lambs are born and fluffy yellow chicks are hatched.

The early morning bird call seems sweeter and brighter, and the smell of freshly cut lawns fill the air.

The butterflies celebrate this occasion by draping their friend, The Giraffe, in an array of flowers. With a little help from their bird friend, they create a beautiful adornment made of nature's finest blooms.

As a thank you, the Giraffe helps to built a beautiful nest high up in the trees for the little bird's family. His tall neck makes it easy for him to transport the heavier twigs and branches.

He even selects some pretty white daisies to decorate the cosy new home.